Angel Guide and Healing Meditation

Angel Healing MeditationIf you are new to meditating, or even considering meditating for the first time, there are a number of benefits to be had from meditation. There is an Ascension process happening at this time and many people are awakening to enlightenment. It may be that you have felt ‘drawn’ to this article, or drawn to look for the right way to meditate.

Meditation, for the vast majority of people, is the only way to connect to the Angelic Realm and the Creator. Prayer, for the majority, is asking questions or asking for things to happen, whereas meditation is the listening process, for the answers and guidance.

The benefits of meditation are many. It will help you reduce your stress levels, so you feel less anxious.lower your blood pressure. offer your body time to heal.create balance and harmony in your physical, mental and ethereal bodies. promote a more positive mental attitude. enable connection to spirit and the Godhead.

Angels are said to be part of every human’s life.

There have been many encounters with angels told in history, as many people claim. But a lot of individuals find that quite hard to believe especially if they lack spiritual awareness and faith. Did you know that today there are a great number of people who use angels as guide to their healing meditation?

You’ve heard it right. There are many individuals who find using angels as an effective guide to meditation. You can find a lot of sites on the net that feature angel guide healing meditation. There are even books published about it. Now the question here is whether you do believe in angels because if you don’t, you will not succeed in achieving peace of mind nor be healed of your condition.

Angels love and protect people.

For as long as anyone can remember, angels are widely recognized. Troubled souls can be enlightened and they can still follow the right path that would lead them to life’s fullness. There are many individuals who believe that through angels, world peace is still achievable.

If you’re experiencing spiritual difficulties, traumas, and stress, then it’s probably time that you seek healing meditation through angel guides. Angel guides are also people who were given a special gift to act as a spiritual channel; they can communicate with angels and they can greatly help people (with faith) to cope up with all their problems.

Most angel guides are willing to help other people regardless of race and religion. They believe that God created all men equal, and through the angels, they can bring people to love one another.

One of the major reasons why many people are now into meditation is because of health problems. More and more individuals are aware of their body and mind connection and that may be the reason why they practice meditation. There are even doctors that recommend meditation for stress-related depression and illnesses. Meditation is now accepted, scientifically speaking. Since there are many types of meditation, you should choose one that you think you can practice easily in your life.

Through an angel guide meditation, you can awaken your spiritual levels through your own experience and not how you’ve been taught or read. Meditation can help a person discover himself and his potentials. So don’t miss your chance being healed through an angel guide.

Click Here For A Healing with Your Guardian Angel Meditation

This audio meditation follows on from the first in the guardian angel meditation series; “Meeting Your Guardian Angel”. If you haven’t done this meditation, do so to connect with your guardian angel and then come back to this one.

Once you have connected with your guardian angel you could do this guided meditation on a daily basis to give you guidance and counseling for your health and well being. This would be a support for you especially if you have been unwell for sometime and your illness is causing you worry and distress.

After the meditation you may want to record your experiences, and the steps you wish to take to improve your health in your journal or notebook.

Have you heard about the so called touched by an angel?

There are stories of people who were healed because of an angel. Miracles are indeed hard to believe but for people who are desperate to get answers and to be healed, they would likely believe in any miracle that might come their way. If you want to take your chances, do it with an angel guide. You have nothing to lose, and only everything to gain. Perhaps you will get well after such healing. There’s no harm in trying, and just make sure that you trust only the experts.

You can ask your friends and family members if they know an angel guide. Or if you want, you can purchase a book that’s all about angel guide healing.

If you’ve never meditated before, you might find a guide to meditation to be useful, but the fact is that nothing is more useful than real world experience. People spend endless lengths of time talking about different meditation techniques, be they the methods of Buddhism meditation, Zen meditation, or some other school altogether. But the fact is that the practice is much less important than the practitioner. If you approach meditation with good intentions and diligent study, you will get where you want to go.

Of course a guide to meditation can still help you when you’re starting. Many people think video meditation guides are the best way to go. Not only do they tend to teach you the basic principles of meditation in an easy-to-understand fashion, but they also incorporate other features that you can’t find in books. Many of these videos will include a guided meditation section, which can be invaluable when you are just beginning. One of the hardest things to do is to cultivate the calm, peaceful mind and disciplined internal focus that meditation requires. By using a guided meditation, you are able to get much further than you normally would as a beginner. This is why a video or audio guide to meditation can be so helpful to the new student.

Of course, the very best guide to meditation is a teacher.

Having the chance to work with someone who has meditated before, probably for several years, can give you some real advantages when you are just beginning. He will be able to show your tricks to help you get over the focus problems that are so common with beginners. He or she will also be there to answer any questions on meditation, and to deal with any unforeseen problems that might come up.

Of course, it might be harder to find a good meditation teacher than a good guide to meditation . You can read a guide to meditation and decide if you like it or not, but figuring out whether a teacher is good at what he or she does make take you much much longer. Another problem is that meditation teachers tend to charge a hefty sum for the classes that they teach, which may place their services out of your range. Fortunately, in many local areas and cities it is possible to take meditation classes for a low fee, or nothing at all. I recommend this if it is an option.