What Is Meditation

The dictionary defines meditation as “continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation.”


Meditation Life Skills 02Just what is this thing called meditation?

Often we get overwhelmed in the course of our daily life. This can lead to stress and tensions that can ultimately affect our health.

Using meditation on a regular basis gives our mind a chance to quiet itself and adjust to the stresses and strains that are part and parcel of our modern daily life.

Usually, people meditate in a quiet space, free from distraction.

There are many different methods of meditating, which we will cover later, but they all lead to the same place. Meditation itself is simply the process of quieting our mind. Gradually, your mind becomes calmer. The “chatter” that’s often there becomes less. And you start to move mentally to a more tranquil place.

Sometimes meditation is described as reaching a higher state of consciousness.

This can come about because our mind is less cluttered and therefore we start to notice things that would ordinarily pass us by. For instance, whilst meditating we may tune in more to the sounds around us, whether they are the urban sounds of traffic and people talking or more rural sounds such as bird song or the running water of a stream.

Oftentimes by concentrating on these sounds we can go deeper into a meditative state. Whatever works for you is good! Just make sure that you practice on a regular basis.

Benefits of Meditation In Your Life for Joy and Peace

When you think of the word meditation, you may think of Buddhist monks chanting Om and sitting with their legs crossed. But did you know that meditation is one of the most widely practiced worldwide techniques for stress related problems in management today? There are so many benefits of meditation that anyone could benefit from meditation techniques. Let’s take a quick look at the many benefits meditation has to offer.

With meditation you can control your own thoughts

Even though mankind has conquered many mountains and made it into space and other planets, the most difficult thing by far is to conquer our own minds.Even Van Gogh succumbed to his own thoughts and eventually committed suicide. There is a skill to be learned with meditation that allows you to reject your negative thoughts and focus more on the positive things happening in your life. The art of meditation teaches you how to control your own thoughts and how to reject the negative thoughts. With simple meditation techniques, you will be able to create the peace of mind needed to survive and thrive in today busy and fast paced world.

Meditation teaches you detachment from day-to-day life

How easy is it to get annoyed by most everything including the little things in our day? Getting to work, drivers cutting you off in traffic, you can try to avoid these problems or ignore them but they just keep on coming day after day. That part is out of our control, so the question is how can we deal effectively with these problems.

Meditation can help you develop a calm detachment which in turn helps to keep the problems in your day in perspective. Through meditation techniques, you can detach from the day-to-day problems and what were once irritating little nuisances and turn them into a much more peaceful and calm day.

Meditation techniques help you find the true purpose of your life

Sound to good to be true? If like most people, you are feeling a lot or at least a little empty inside. What meditation does for you is a very important process that allows you the time and slows you down enough to look inside and examine yourself so that you can gain a greater understanding of your life and it’s purpose. As you start to relax, you start to view your life in a whole different perspective than ever before.

Lastly, meditation leads to peace of mind and happiness

Meditation helps you control your thoughts as we said before. So just like a computer, good thoughts in, bad thoughts out and the positive energy increases. You will start detaching from your little petty problems that looked pretty big at one time and you will soon begin to discover the real purpose for your life along with a lot of joy as well.

Just give meditation a try along with some time to sweep away the old you and you can begin to live a better life tomorrow starting today!

Don Weyant/Founder

Meditation Life Skills

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